You know she's a little bit dangerous, 2014

Installation Views, Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, WI

Sandra Erbacher’s work investigates ideological systems within specific socio-historical contexts. In her exhibition at the Chazen Museum of Art she reflects on the micro-level of the institution, and in particular, the museum. Using bricolage, Erbacher selects, remakes and alters certain elements of the architectural infrastructure of the museum—such as vents, plaques, and carpeting. Instead of remaining hidden or on the visual periphery, these objects are activated through subtle interventions, such as shifts in scale and radical re-contextualization, and, thus, become central to the exhibition rather than acting as mere support. By inverting a spatial relationship, Erbacher seeks to reveal how the literal structure of the museum might stand as metaphor for the ideological systems hidden beneath the neutral veneer of any gallery. Moreover, she prompts us to consider the ways in which an exhibition space uses hierarchies of display to convey a specific socio-political and cultural program rather than an objective universal truth.