So here we are

Blue Curry, Sandra Erbacher, Trevor Kiernander, Jon Moscow and Inês Rebelo.
Curated by Sandra Erbacher

25.09. – 16.10.2011

Kunstverein Speyer, Germany

So here we are brings together 5 young international artists who have all met in London where they graduated from Goldsmiths College renowned for being the birthplace of the Young British Artists in the 1990s. Although they would never be content with merely being described as the direct descendants of the YBAs – much too multifaceted are the artists’ individual socio-political contexts and concerns – they share a restless questioning of hierarchies and power relations. This finds its expression not least in the constant exploration and pushing of the boundaries of their respective disciplines of painting, drawing and sculpture. In other words, the work of these emerging artists, which is at once bold and confident, yet bears within itself a certain instability and openness is marked by dislocation, spatial negotiations, friction and material collisions. In particular, what is characteristic of all of the artists’ work is that it is highly conscious of a semantics of installation and thus is firmly rooted in space, with each artist creating, responding to, testing and subverting their own logic of space.